At DFS, we deliver expert foodservice consulting services to lay the foundation necessary for growth and success.  Using state-of-the-art technology and years of experience as leading foodservice consultants, we offer creative input, flexible designs, and the guidance you require.

We can help take your concept objective and make it reality, by designing it into existing locations, renovations, or new ground up construction projects.  We believe in a collaborative design experience, where we walk and talk with you thru the project process, making sure you have a strong understanding of all steps and measures taken to provide you with the best deliverable possible.

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A great deal goes into creating the ideal space for a foodservice operation.  At DFS, we’ve worked with businesses across the industry designing kitchens, food preparation areas, dining spaces, bars and more.

We understand the importance of good traffic flow, safety, proper food storage and handling practices, while packaging it all into an aesthetically pleasing design.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible foodservice operation, while making the experience for the customer and operations team the best it can be.  This is where we try to make sure form and function meet.

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foodservice PRODUCTs

A successful commercial kitchen is built on high quality, high performance, and dependable equipment.  We leverage 60+ years as a leading foodservice equipment supplier and deep relationships with industry leading manufacturers to source the equipment you need, for your operation.

We work with over 2,000 manufacturers/factories and stock more than 5,000 products designed to enhance your foodservice operation.  Along with the heavy equipment items (requiring utilities), we can source and provide smallwares supplies ranging from back of the house kitchen utensils, front of the house tabletop products, food safety program goods, janitorial items and bar supplies to name a few.

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